Todos Santos

On the Pacific coast, Todos Santos remains a small town full of artists, shops, and the Hotel California, which supposedly was the inspiration to the Eagles’ classic song . The town sits about an hour north of Cabo San Lucas and an hour and a half from La Paz. The beaches at Todos Santos offer a stark difference from the beaches of the Gulf of California. They drop off into the waves and provide the perfect opportunity for shore anglers seeking the beautiful rooster fish.

The town is designated a Pueblo Magico, or Magic town, and offers tourists an escape from the bustle of the Los Cabos region. The town supports agriculture and reminds a traveler of the green vegetation found in Loreto or San Ignacio.

The productivity of Todos Santos depends upon a reliable water supply which comes from the mountains. An all-year stream enters the ocean about two miles below Todos Santos, and there are three springs in the upper part, — Ann ZwingerA Desert Country Near the Sea

Driving into Todos Santos is almost like entering a brick town in the Midwest. Art galleries, craft stores, and book shops line the main street in town, instead of a plaza in the town center. Chalkboards boast the best margaritas, and the sidewalks are some of the best sidewalks outside Los Cabos. Events in the town range from art festivals to live music and theater.