San Lorenzo Archipelago National Marine Park

The San Lorenzo archipelago represents one of the most important areas in the Gulf of California. Located off the eastern coast of Baja California, the archipelago and surrounding waters were protected in 2005 due to the upwelling currents which results in high levels of biodiversity (CONANP – 23).

The rocky shores of the islands in the archipelago teem with life and in the water mullusks, clams, isopods, lobster, and sea cucumbers live (CONANP – 24). In the waters of the national park, important pelagic invertebrates also gather such as squid, octopus, and jellyfish (CONANP – 24). Fish and marine mammals are also prevalent.

The islands of the archipelago support small shrubs and cactus, however, the marine flora is made entirely of differing species of algae (CONANP – 25).